Architect Krull speaks


A surprise communication from our owner earlier today provided an interesting insight into our local universe.

Architect Krull the owner of the twenty-four systems that make up the Burman Empire, the Pellor Alliance and the Chow Empire, spoke to us all for nearly 5 minutes. This being the first direct communication in four thousand years.

Krull is known to be a member of the nameless race of beings that created this universe. Before his retirement and setting up the original fifteen systems, it is thought Architect Krull was a member of their White-light class, a mathematician, who earned his vast wealth by calculating the parameters for several successful universes.

His first announcement was that all space within a thousand AU of the Earth exclusion zone is now out of bounds, due to the system having a new owner. He also confirmed the rumours that the new owner is a powerful member of his race’s police force, known as their Checker Class.


Krull then went on to announce that the electrical storm over the northern land mass of Pellor-alto 4 was also linked to his race’s Checker-Class. He explained that he is not insured for religious genetics in his pets. He did manage to find a buyer for two hundred religious specimens before the Checker-class deadline expired, but the remaining five thousand Pellor were humanly vaporised by a forceman from the checker-class.

Interestingly, he added that it is very hard to sell pets with religious genetics since humans came on the market.

Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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