Lucifer arrested

Super volcano explosion

Super volcano explosion Burman-Alpha 5

Our owner Architect Krull, today, announced that members of his race have captured the gravitational engineer responsible for the super-volcano holocaust on Burman-Alpha 5.

Like Krull, Lucifer is known to be a member of the nameless race who created this universe and others. Over the millennia, little information on their race’s class system has leaked out, but we understand that Lucifer is a member of their Dark-Matter Class of gravitational engineers.

Lucifer was a subcontractor for the Milky Corporation when Architect Krull ordered the seven Burman systems custom built in this galaxy’s second spiral arm at considerable cost. Lucifer was the ultra-light engineer responsible for final finishing of the planets after heavier engineers constructed the star cluster.

Within four million years of Krull taking ownership, the hidden super volcano exploded wiping out nearly all higher life forms on Burman-Alpha 5. Investigations by engineers from Eather Limited, who purchased the Milky-A galaxy when the Milky Corporation collapsed, found all the major planets had also been sabotaged with super volcanoes or unstable cores.

Little information is known on the capture of Lucifer other than it happened inside the Earth exclusion zone, where he had been hiding for two-thousand years.

Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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