Major Security alert

BuramSpeceShipeA Burman battle cruiser was scrambled in a major security alert when an unidentified object was detected leaving the Earth exclusion zone.

Scans indicated the object was a nuclear device, and the Battle Crusier Belmoth armed its primary weapons to destroy it.

However, at this point things get confusing. The official report says the Belmoth suddenly found itself seven lightyears away, in orbit around Burman-aptha 2, its home base, before it weapons even reach a quarter charge.

It is suspected that either our owner Archtictect Krull, or another of his race intervened, jumping the Battle Crusier the seven lightyears.

Latest rumours are that the new owner of the Earth system is an extremely powerful member of the nameless race that created this universe and others, and even Krull does not want to upset him in any way.
Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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