Movement spotted on Burman-Alpha-5

Burman aplha 5

After the recent capture of Lucifer, the gravitational engineer responsible for the apocalyptic super volcano that devastated Burman-Alpha-5 interest in the planet has been revived.

Super volcano explosion

Super volcano explosion

After the explosion, the planet’s atmosphere deteriorated fast, hydrogen and methane levels dropped rapidly, followed by the progressive build-up of highly toxic oxygen. Seen from Burman-Alpha-4 the planet has developed a horrible blue tint over the last few million years.

With the permission of Archtect Krull, our owner, a scout class vessel was allowed to go down to a hundred clicks of the surface. It reported large areas of green contamination spreading over the surface, and radar returns found definite indications of movement.

Concern is now spreading through the populations of Alpha-4 and 6 that there could be highly dangerous oxygen-breathing life-forms on the planet, possibly as deadly as those known to exist inside the Earth exclusion zone.

Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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