Burman-Alpha-5 probe authorised


Green contamination spreading over the planet Burman-Alpha-5
Red markers are unexplained movement and changes.

Our owner Architect Krull has given his permission for limited exploration of Burman-Alpha-5. However, Krull emphasised this planet is now as dangerous as some found inside the Earth exclusion zone, harbouring extreme dangers for us, his hydrogen breathing pets.

It is understood that the Earth system contains oxygen-breathing life-forms that get their energy by consuming the tissues of other living creatures. Our scientists refer to this horrific concept as a food chain, where one being is food for another.

The speculation is that this horrific food-chain is all part of Lucifer’s diabolical sabotage.

A probe that can handle the planets highly corrosive atmosphere is now being prepared, on Burman-Alpha-6.
Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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