System maintenance

New planet's sudden appearance shocks astronamers

New planet’s sudden appearance shocks astronomers

Astronomers on Burman-Alpha-4 and 5 who were trying to spot signs Architect Krull’s system maintenance, that he announced last week, are shocked by the sudden appearance of a new planet in the system.

The head scientist on the B4 orbital platform is quoted as saying, “Now we understand why Krull warned us about gravitational waves being a hazard to navigation.”

Indeed, tremors were detected throughout the system, as the planet appeared, even on the central star Burman-Alpha.

Burm Alpha

Gravitational shockwave crosses Burman-Alpha

Sources close to our owner Architect Krull, say the planet’s presence is temporary, and is to be referred to as Eden, not Burman-Alpha-5B.

Scientists are currently studying the new planet, but rumours abound that it has a toxic oxygen atmosphere like Burman-Alpha-5.





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