Insurance protocols


Arthetect Krull speaks to the planet Burman-alpha-2

Today, Architect Krull announced that communication with the oxygen breathing life-forms on Burman-Alpha-5 and the newly appeared planet Eden is now permitted.

New planet's sudden appearance shocks astronomers

New planet’s sudden appearance shocks astronomers

However, he emphasizes that the BB insurance protocol must still be followed strictly.

For those that are not familiar with it, the BB cosmology protocol is designed to limit technological development and therefor insurance costs of pets own by members of Krull’s race. It is similar to RG protocol that does not permit Architect Krull to own pets that have religious genetics.

We understand that inside the Earth exclusion zone, the humans are under the influence of mental suggestion that the universe started in a big bang. The mental suggestion was implanted long ago by Checker-class Forcemen belonging to architect Krull’s race. These implanted thoughts include the concept that the error terms are real substances with the names Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Many of the human pets belonging to Heavy Enforcer Merlin that are visiting Burman-Alpha-5 do know the truth. However, the subject is still strictly banded.


Further details can be purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives <a title=”here” href=””>here</a>


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