Nanoid animates

Nanoid 8-0-8

Nanoid 8-0-8

Inside territories own by Architect Krull, dying or dead creatures restored to life by nanoid particle machines are rare. Almost exclusively, those that do exist are animated-by / infested with the 8-0-8 virus. 8-0-8 animates are normally distinguishable from the standard creature by red warning markings. Although the virus hybrids have extra abilities over the original, they are not normally considered any form of risk to the population.

However, there is now concern in some quarters that 8-1-8 zombie virus may have been brought into the system by visitors from inside the Earth exclusion zone. It is known that the last engagement between the two strains wiped out 95% of all life inside the zone 65 million years ago as collateral damage. The 8-1-8 zombie variants carry no warning markings, but often display deformities. They are considered hostile to all forms of life not already infected with 8-1-8.

It is reported that earlier today an 8-0-8 human hybrid by the name of Brigadier Watts caused some concern to the palace guards when he arrived via a micro wormhole to meet with representatives of Architect Krull.

See: The Brigadier and The Pit



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