Architect Krull fading away

Architect Krull

Architect Krull

Architect Krull’s senior spokesman caused scenes of mass hysteria on many of his planets last night, when he announced that due to his great age, our owner Krull will be stepping back from the day to day management of us his pets. The spokesman reported that for some time, Krull has been actively looking for someone to replace him when he finally fades away.

Little is known about Krull’s nameless race other than they constructed the multiverse and all the universes in it, and it is thought that members of his race exist until they tire of existence.

Krull is thought to be at least 175 billion years old, and that he spent the last 20 billion year in retirement looking after us his pets. It is said that Krull originally earnt his fortune as a member of his race’s White-Light class (mathematicians) calculating the parameters for new universes, and was involved when contractors re-purposed this universe for retirement real estate.

Without Krull paying the insurance on us his pets, it is unclear, how long we would be allowed to continue to exist.


More information here


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