Interstellar refuse to refund panic bookings

Nebular stalker

Nebular stalker

Initial panic turned to anger when interstellar Travel Ltd refused to refund panic bookings.

Residents of the Pellor-alto system started booking flights out of the system on Friday when a deep space patrol vessel spotted a moon size creature approaching at hight speed.


Avatar of Eden

However, in an audience on Tuesday Eden (who is still acting on behalf of the fading Architect Krull) said the nebula stalker represented no threat to the gardens* in the system, and that Krull’s competition strain garden crunchers are all still safely in hibernation. She did however recommend that all space flights and high orbital travel is suspended until it passes by, as getting caught in its webs would be fatal to any of Krull’s pets.

The conformation of the ancient myths about Krull squandering large parts of his vast fortune breeding and competing planet sized creatures that munch through entire worlds pleased historians. However, the news that creatures still exist inside Krull’s 24 systems was not calming to the general population.

A spokesperson for Interstellar travel said that they took the bookings in good faith, and suggest that the people effected either buy the return fair and enjoy the trip or pay the cancellation fee.

For readers inside the Earth exclusion zone more information on Krull’s race and deep space creatures can be found in the Kindle repository in a manuscript titled The God Kit.

* Krull’s race often refer to planets as gardens


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