Hospital evacuated to subsurface levels


Close encounter with nebula stalker

The hospital station on the ice moon  Pellor-alto–7b evacuated to subsurface levels when the nebula stalker first spotted 2 days ago change course to make a close approach.

Nebular stalker

Nebular stalker

Seven hundred patients mostly recovering from space exposure related injuries were moved down into the bunker levels usually only used during meteor storms. Doctor Krundger who heads the hospital staff said, “We do regular drills for space weather events, and we had everyone back in their therapy tanks within five hours.”


Avatar of Eden

A formal petition will be made to Eden (Currently standing in for our owner Architect Krull) for her to correct the moon’s orbit after the gravity of the nebula stalker disturbed it at closest approach.

As the creature passed, surface seismometers detected seven minor surfae impacts. Maintenance staff went out to investigate and reported finding something strange. However, they have not so far communicated any more details.
Further details of deep space creatures are availiable for purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here


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