Hospital moon in lockdown

ice moon hospital

Hospital in total lock-down

News just in, reaching us on the interplanetary news network.

The exact cause of the current emergency is unclear but we understand that multiple agencies requested the lock-down and quarantine of the ice moon  Pellor-alto–7b simultaneously.

The alarm was first raised when 5 maintenance engineers failed to return from a surface mission. They were sent out to investigate seismic events on the moon’s surface after a nebula stalker made a close approach.


Scientist investigating ten-thousand year old reports from that last time a nebula stalker entered the 24 systems owned by Architect Krull, also hit the panic button.

The ancient reports stated that the original visitor used a magnetic propulsion system. However, when a science probe approached the stalker, a very familiar magnetic signature was detected, a nanoid nausea-field. As the nebula stalker carried no warning markings it must be assumed to be infected with nanoid strain 8-1-8, also know as the zombie virus, and not the benign 8-0-8 re-animation virus.

Nanoid 8-0-8

Nanoid 8-0-8

The third group to sound the alarm were the breading enforcement office. They were concerned the seismic events were parasites from the stalker landing on the moon.

Architect Krull spent millions of years breading us his hydrogen breathing pets in direct defiance of the laws of evolution at work outside his systems. Therefore any creature that has evolved as part of a competitive food chain is highly unwelcome.

Those seeking help from our owner in the audience chamber can only hope the worst case scenario has not come true just as our owner is fading due to great age.

Inside the Earth exclusion zone, more information on 8-1-8 zombies can be found under the title “The Brigadier and the pit”

More information on Architect Krull’s race can be found in “The God Kit”


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