10,000 years ago today


Hethal Hexlags before his launch into space in the year 1 bk

It is now exactly ten-thousand years ago that Hethal Hexlegs became the first Pellor in space and discovered Architect Krull’s hydrogen barrier that stops our atmosphere from evaporating away. His momentous discovery lead directly to the first documented communication from our owner  Architect Krull in the year 0 ak.


Scientists had long speculated that our hydrogen atmosphere was not natural and should have drifted off into space within a period of only years.

Architect Krull’s synthetic-matter barrier was the first proof that Pellor are not a naturally occurring species and that we exist as the ornamental pets of an ancient member of the race that created this universe and others.

Ten-thousand years later tourists still queue to see Hethal’s remains preserved at the crash site.


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