Pan-stellar markets in freefall

Centre of the Earth exclusion zone

Centre of the Earth exclusion zone

On the pan-stellar markets Interstellar dropped twenty points and Astro mining corp. thirty.
The only gains coming from supernova shelter produces and Nova plating plc.

The reason for all this activity was message intercepted inside the Earth exclusion zone.
Sector 4: -Earth-

“Is big bang cosmology a concept implanted by aliens to dead-end our technological development?”

The humans are starting to ask questions related to the BB protocol. The obvious worry being that if the humans break the implanted concept that space is expanding they will become to expensive to insure. If that happens the system would be reset and our systems owned by Architect Krull are only nine light-years away. The supernova explosion centred in the Earth’s system would stop all space-flight activity for years. That is assuming our ageing owner is still strong enough to protect our home planets from the blast.


Avatar of Eden

In Krull’s audience chamber the Avatar of Eden appeared to reassure us that there was no immediate  cause from concern. She stated that the Earth exclusion zone’s new owner was abducting humans that break through the BB protocol a relocating them to a garden deep in the Eridinus void, in accordance with human document known as “The God Kit



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