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10,000 years ago today


Hethal Hexlags before his launch into space in the year 1 bk

It is now exactly ten-thousand years ago that Hethal Hexlegs became the first Pellor in space and discovered Architect Krull’s hydrogen barrier that stops our atmosphere from evaporating away. His momentous discovery lead directly to the first documented communication from our owner  Architect Krull in the year 0 ak.


Scientists had long speculated that our hydrogen atmosphere was not natural and should have drifted off into space within a period of only years.

Architect Krull’s synthetic-matter barrier was the first proof that Pellor are not a naturally occurring species and that we exist as the ornamental pets of an ancient member of the race that created this universe and others.

Ten-thousand years later tourists still queue to see Hethal’s remains preserved at the crash site.


Hospital evacuated to subsurface levels


Close encounter with nebula stalker

The hospital station on the ice moon  Pellor-alto–7b evacuated to subsurface levels when the nebula stalker first spotted 2 days ago change course to make a close approach.

Nebular stalker

Nebular stalker

Seven hundred patients mostly recovering from space exposure related injuries were moved down into the bunker levels usually only used during meteor storms. Doctor Krundger who heads the hospital staff said, “We do regular drills for space weather events, and we had everyone back in their therapy tanks within five hours.”


Avatar of Eden

A formal petition will be made to Eden (Currently standing in for our owner Architect Krull) for her to correct the moon’s orbit after the gravity of the nebula stalker disturbed it at closest approach.

As the creature passed, surface seismometers detected seven minor surfae impacts. Maintenance staff went out to investigate and reported finding something strange. However, they have not so far communicated any more details.
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Architect Krull fading away

Architect Krull

Architect Krull

Architect Krull’s senior spokesman caused scenes of mass hysteria on many of his planets last night, when he announced that due to his great age, our owner Krull will be stepping back from the day to day management of us his pets. The spokesman reported that for some time, Krull has been actively looking for someone to replace him when he finally fades away.

Little is known about Krull’s nameless race other than they constructed the multiverse and all the universes in it, and it is thought that members of his race exist until they tire of existence.

Krull is thought to be at least 175 billion years old, and that he spent the last 20 billion year in retirement looking after us his pets. It is said that Krull originally earnt his fortune as a member of his race’s White-Light class (mathematicians) calculating the parameters for new universes, and was involved when contractors re-purposed this universe for retirement real estate.

Without Krull paying the insurance on us his pets, it is unclear, how long we would be allowed to continue to exist.


More information here

Insurance protocols


Arthetect Krull speaks to the planet Burman-alpha-2

Today, Architect Krull announced that communication with the oxygen breathing life-forms on Burman-Alpha-5 and the newly appeared planet Eden is now permitted.

New planet's sudden appearance shocks astronomers

New planet’s sudden appearance shocks astronomers

However, he emphasizes that the BB insurance protocol must still be followed strictly.

For those that are not familiar with it, the BB cosmology protocol is designed to limit technological development and therefor insurance costs of pets own by members of Krull’s race. It is similar to RG protocol that does not permit Architect Krull to own pets that have religious genetics.

We understand that inside the Earth exclusion zone, the humans are under the influence of mental suggestion that the universe started in a big bang. The mental suggestion was implanted long ago by Checker-class Forcemen belonging to architect Krull’s race. These implanted thoughts include the concept that the error terms are real substances with the names Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Many of the human pets belonging to Heavy Enforcer Merlin that are visiting Burman-Alpha-5 do know the truth. However, the subject is still strictly banded.


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