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Hospital moon in lockdown

ice moon hospital

Hospital in total lock-down

News just in, reaching us on the interplanetary news network.

The exact cause of the current emergency is unclear but we understand that multiple agencies requested the lock-down and quarantine of the ice moon  Pellor-alto–7b simultaneously.

The alarm was first raised when 5 maintenance engineers failed to return from a surface mission. They were sent out to investigate seismic events on the moon’s surface after a nebula stalker made a close approach.


Scientist investigating ten-thousand year old reports from that last time a nebula stalker entered the 24 systems owned by Architect Krull, also hit the panic button.

The ancient reports stated that the original visitor used a magnetic propulsion system. However, when a science probe approached the stalker, a very familiar magnetic signature was detected, a nanoid nausea-field. As the nebula stalker carried no warning markings it must be assumed to be infected with nanoid strain 8-1-8, also know as the zombie virus, and not the benign 8-0-8 re-animation virus.

Nanoid 8-0-8

Nanoid 8-0-8

The third group to sound the alarm were the breading enforcement office. They were concerned the seismic events were parasites from the stalker landing on the moon.

Architect Krull spent millions of years breading us his hydrogen breathing pets in direct defiance of the laws of evolution at work outside his systems. Therefore any creature that has evolved as part of a competitive food chain is highly unwelcome.

Those seeking help from our owner in the audience chamber can only hope the worst case scenario has not come true just as our owner is fading due to great age.

Inside the Earth exclusion zone, more information on 8-1-8 zombies can be found under the title “The Brigadier and the pit”

More information on Architect Krull’s race can be found in “The God Kit”


Hospital evacuated to subsurface levels


Close encounter with nebula stalker

The hospital station on the ice moon  Pellor-alto–7b evacuated to subsurface levels when the nebula stalker first spotted 2 days ago change course to make a close approach.

Nebular stalker

Nebular stalker

Seven hundred patients mostly recovering from space exposure related injuries were moved down into the bunker levels usually only used during meteor storms. Doctor Krundger who heads the hospital staff said, “We do regular drills for space weather events, and we had everyone back in their therapy tanks within five hours.”


Avatar of Eden

A formal petition will be made to Eden (Currently standing in for our owner Architect Krull) for her to correct the moon’s orbit after the gravity of the nebula stalker disturbed it at closest approach.

As the creature passed, surface seismometers detected seven minor surfae impacts. Maintenance staff went out to investigate and reported finding something strange. However, they have not so far communicated any more details.
Further details of deep space creatures are availiable for purchased from the AMA-Zon’e archives here

Interstellar refuse to refund panic bookings

Nebular stalker

Nebular stalker

Initial panic turned to anger when interstellar Travel Ltd refused to refund panic bookings.

Residents of the Pellor-alto system started booking flights out of the system on Friday when a deep space patrol vessel spotted a moon size creature approaching at hight speed.


Avatar of Eden

However, in an audience on Tuesday Eden (who is still acting on behalf of the fading Architect Krull) said the nebula stalker represented no threat to the gardens* in the system, and that Krull’s competition strain garden crunchers are all still safely in hibernation. She did however recommend that all space flights and high orbital travel is suspended until it passes by, as getting caught in its webs would be fatal to any of Krull’s pets.

The conformation of the ancient myths about Krull squandering large parts of his vast fortune breeding and competing planet sized creatures that munch through entire worlds pleased historians. However, the news that creatures still exist inside Krull’s 24 systems was not calming to the general population.

A spokesperson for Interstellar travel said that they took the bookings in good faith, and suggest that the people effected either buy the return fair and enjoy the trip or pay the cancellation fee.

For readers inside the Earth exclusion zone more information on Krull’s race and deep space creatures can be found in the Kindle repository in a manuscript titled The God Kit.

* Krull’s race often refer to planets as gardens

Eden replaces Krull in audience chamber


Avatar of Eden

Concern for our owner Architect Krull has been building over the past weeks, after the news the came-out that he is fading away due to great age. It became known last week that his administration staff failed to hear any words of wisdom from him at the appointed time.

There is still some confusion around events in the Audience Chamber at the center of the Monument of Wisdom this week. Instead of Krull whispering his instructions to his administration staff, a figure appeared with two eyes and a vaguely human shape (carnivorous creatures from inside the Earth exclusion zone).

She announced that she is Ultra-Lite Engineer Eden, but she prefers the title Momma Eden. She said that Krull is no longer responding the messages but members of their checker class (policemen) inform her that they can sense him happily drifting through the outskirt of his systems.

Architect Krull fading away

Architect Krull

Architect Krull

Architect Krull’s senior spokesman caused scenes of mass hysteria on many of his planets last night, when he announced that due to his great age, our owner Krull will be stepping back from the day to day management of us his pets. The spokesman reported that for some time, Krull has been actively looking for someone to replace him when he finally fades away.

Little is known about Krull’s nameless race other than they constructed the multiverse and all the universes in it, and it is thought that members of his race exist until they tire of existence.

Krull is thought to be at least 175 billion years old, and that he spent the last 20 billion year in retirement looking after us his pets. It is said that Krull originally earnt his fortune as a member of his race’s White-Light class (mathematicians) calculating the parameters for new universes, and was involved when contractors re-purposed this universe for retirement real estate.

Without Krull paying the insurance on us his pets, it is unclear, how long we would be allowed to continue to exist.


More information here

Nanoid animates

Nanoid 8-0-8

Nanoid 8-0-8

Inside territories own by Architect Krull, dying or dead creatures restored to life by nanoid particle machines are rare. Almost exclusively, those that do exist are animated-by / infested with the 8-0-8 virus. 8-0-8 animates are normally distinguishable from the standard creature by red warning markings. Although the virus hybrids have extra abilities over the original, they are not normally considered any form of risk to the population.

However, there is now concern in some quarters that 8-1-8 zombie virus may have been brought into the system by visitors from inside the Earth exclusion zone. It is known that the last engagement between the two strains wiped out 95% of all life inside the zone 65 million years ago as collateral damage. The 8-1-8 zombie variants carry no warning markings, but often display deformities. They are considered hostile to all forms of life not already infected with 8-1-8.

It is reported that earlier today an 8-0-8 human hybrid by the name of Brigadier Watts caused some concern to the palace guards when he arrived via a micro wormhole to meet with representatives of Architect Krull.

See: The Brigadier and The Pit


Events inside the Earth exclusion zone

The full story behind events inside the Earth exclusion has recently come to light.

The God Kit

The God Kit

Please Note:

References to religion are covered (RG) religious genetics protocol, and are thus illegal inside systems owned by Architect Krull.

All references to the BB cosmology insurance-protocol are controlled information inside the Earth exclusion zone.